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The Great Sticky Post

Hi there! This journal is my own little space to ramble about Sims, share stories, and post pictures. I love to create and decorate neighbourhoods and make my own little worlds in the Sims 2. Occasionally I'll put up something for download.
I also like to photograph and I'm trying to improve myself, so you'll find a lot of photography posts mixed in there too. Please find your way around the shop by navigating using the tags :)

A great many things have changed in my life in the past few years and I'm not posting as much as I once did; but most of my posts past and present are accessible through this great sticky list of tags and main posts I have compiled for convenience. Please also find a policy under the cut for the few things I have put up for download, for the sake of completion!

If you're here for sky recolours, please choose your flavour: {with & without horizons}

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n free

eeee new computer

Hello there!
I apologise for being rather silent lately; I read and try to comment, but I haven't posted in a while.
The reasons for this are threefold... tumblr; exciting real life social happenings; and also I have been building a new and shiny computer -- which was about time, really!

So to celebrate my return to pretty graphics and also to faster speed than I've ever had, I took a bunch of pictures of my legacy neighbourhood. It was inspired by all the lakes and Swedish landscape I fell in love with when I went there over the summer. I hope you enjoy them; I can't express my gratitude at being able to take pictures with nice graphics again... I can't wait to build more neighbourhoods... and I haven't even played inside a house yet; that is bound to be lightning-speed fast!
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n sky

The sky is a painting that's never the same twice

Random procrastinating I did while avoiding university assignment:

- I took that aspiration test that kept popping up on my friends list (how fun to see all your results!) and ended up getting KNOWLEDGE. Not a very big surprise, as I've always thought of myself as a Knowledge Sim; but while answering the questions I really tried not giving the obvious answers that confirmed that, instead asking myself what would truly fit me best, even if that meant that I had rather a lot of Romance and Popularity answers mixed in. (Those were mainly about wishing to be able to be that kind of person.) Family answers also popped up a few times and I think the "start your own business" one would be considered Fortune, but for me that would be more about having my own freedom. Still the Knowledge answers apparently won out :) Making the Ravenclaw part of me feel rather proud.

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n road

Happy 2012!

Wishing you all the best for the next year. May 2012 bring many inspiring revelations, unconditional love, and health to you and your loved ones! May all of our lives change for the better.

Happy New Year, all ye lovely people. Although we live in all corners of the world, we share this love of pretty things and creating our own little universes, and we give each other appreciation every day. This is a beautiful thing in itself. We have really got something special here.
(I like to keep blissfully away from any drama, in case you're thinking that this sounds far too naïve, I think I prefer to be naïve in such instances. Not worth my energy.)

Now what would happen if we took this loving connection one step further? What if we were to manifest it in the world we see around us? We may change the world -- the real life world -- just as we change our virtual worlds. Yes, we may change it ourselves, because who else is there to do that but we? Let us make it prettier, a better place to live in. I've seen and felt what this community is capable of. Let us convert this love, even the more shallow messages which will become heart-felt, and take it out into the world to make a difference.

I rarely speak about it in this journal, but I do not agree with the way the earth is being managed right now. We, all seven billion of us, we have the potential to create something so much better. So this year I will be giving my own little contribution to try and get us in an upward spiral. One of soul-felt love.

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DW TARDIS middle-of-nowhere

A Tinn's Tale

Ah, the olden days. I've been feeling a little nostalgic lately... Perhaps it's the season.

Late last night I just happened to go to the web interface of my mailbox and found a little e-mail hiding in the spam folder, saying that blogsome.com was closing down on December 7th.
I hosted a story there. My very first English Sim story, in fact, and the only complete copy of it was on that blog; so I took it off there (just in time!) to transfer everything to a wordpress blog. It was called "A Tinn's Tale" and the story followed events in the little medieval village of Tinn.
I really liked blogsome for its customisation options and deliberately chose it over wordpress back in the day, so I am sad to see it go; but as they themselves put it, all good things must come to an end... So now I have everything on tinntale.wordpress.com and I must say it's nicely done, because all the comments transferred along even though I had to add the pages by hand.

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S 1

I played Sims!

Miss Pernilla Nilsson (remember her?) moved into Pippangård and built herself a little legacy shack inside an old barn. It's cosily decorated but it is also cramped and impossible to take pictures of, so just an outside one for now. I played her through the first week and on the third day she found herself a girlfriend, whom she is quite smitten with...

(The sky in the picture above is chris's original sky.)

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