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Nimi's journal

Simmish ramblings and pictures

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Hi there! This journal is my own little space to ramble about Sims, share stories, and post pictures. I like to create my own worlds in the Sims and my current project is a medieval village called Greylings a legacy 'hood called Pippangård. Occasionally I'll put up something for download.
I also like to photograph and I'm trying to improve myself, so you'll find a lot of photography posts mixed in there too. Please find your way around the shop by navigating using the tags :)

Feel free to add me! Please leave a comment to say hello if you'd like me to add you back.
If I've added you, it's because I really like what you're posting and because it would make me happy to see your entries pop up on my friends list. Please, only friend me if you genuinely feel the same way about my posts. :)

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